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2032 2 LP
G-Wave AAGWCD001 | 2009-09-21
(Sorry, deluxe versions all gone. A simpler version, just gatefold with no CD or poster may be pressed in the future.)

Deluxe double LP, 180g vinyl, numbered limited edition with booklet, poster + CD version in a wallet.

'How to survive without killing the planet…'

GAS will have 200 copies out of a 1000 numbered limited edition pressing of this de-luxe double vinyl edition of '2032.

They come in a tri-fold sleeve with an LP sized 12 page booklet and large high quality full colour poster plus a CD version of the album in a simple wallet. As a bonus to celebrate this first 'home-grown' Gong vinyl for many years I will also include 2 different black and white A5 printed post-cards (larger than the ones in the set of 8) of daevid's commission drawings - thanks Adrian!

Also available as CD only in a digi-pak with 12 page illustrated lyric booket: 2032 CD

A Side:
  1. City of Self Fascination (daevid allen) -
  2. Digital Girl (daevid allen, S. Hillage) -
  3. How To Stay Alive (daevid allen, S. Hillage, M. Howlett, C. Taylor) -
B Side:
  1. Escape Control Delete (daevid allen, S. Hillage, M Giraudy, M. Howlett) -
  2. Yoni Poem (G Smyth, M Giraudy) -
  3. Dance With The Pixies -(daevid allen) -
C Side:
  1. Wacky Baccy Banker (daevid allen, S. Hillage) -
  2. The Year 2032 (daevid allen) -
  3. Robo-Warriors (G Smyth, M Giraudy) -
  4. Guitar Zero (daevid allen, C. Taylor) -
D Side:
  1. The Gris Gris Girl (daevid allen, S. Hillage) -
  2. Wave And A Particle (G Smyth, M Giraudy) -
  3. Pinkle Ponkle (daevid allen, S. Hillage, Gilli Smyth) -
  4. Portal (S. Hillage) -
  • daevid allen {voice, guitar}
  • steve hillage {guitar}
  • gilli smyth {voice, space whisper}
  • miquette giraudy {synthesisers}
  • mike howlett {bass}
  • chris taylor {drums}
  • theo travis {sax, flute}
Special Guests:
  • didier malherbe {duduk: 3, 13, soprano sax: 8, Flute: 4, 14}
  • yuji katsui (Rovo) {electric violin: 4, 11}
  • elliet mackrell {violin: 6}
  • stephanie petrik {backing vocals: 1,2,3,4,6, 11}