planet gong bazaar


Bilge Seaweed Orcastrua

Salty Sea Shanties mini-EP

UBUIBI (2012)

7-inch EP 33+1/3 RPM, picture sleeve, two tone transparent & blue vinyl limited pressing of 500 with daevid allen on 1 track. Field recordings of Pirates from a parallel universe? There is odd, there is strange, there is out there - and then there is das, co-ordinator of The Bilge Seaweed Orcastrua (aka Big City Orchestra) and his mysterious, emoto-politico-sonic universe. Here we have six weird, 'low-fi', oceanic song/tales with daevid's easily identifiable vocals on one of them, 'Barnacle Bill'. I shall accept no responsibility for any kind relationship you may form with these songs. We need more brave hearts such as das.


  1. Tune In & Sail On
  2. Capt. Jack
  3. Pirate Drinking Song


  1. Station IP
  2. Barnacle Bill
  3. Emporium


  • robo, jonathan segal, cait mcWhir, dr. welward hazer, wobbly ninah pixie, kerri pidnow, daevid allen, rob wortman, cheryl e. leonard, mike dringenberg, das