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Book of Am
Wah Wah || 2006 || Sorry, sold out, all long gone

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Very Limited edition, deluxe, expanded audiophile reissue in a large LP-sized book

Two LP set in a gatefold hardback, cloth-spined book sleeve with 112 pages, more than half of which are in full colour in the style of a hand-drawn illuminated manuscript. High quality paper and printing are used throughout. The pressing was limited to 500 copies worldwide - ALL of which were sold months ago - except the copies here (I forgot about them).

Golly gosh, here's rare one! Pure Deya, dedicated to daevid and Gilli and worked on at the Bananamoon Observatory. A legendary acid-folk gem recorded by an international band of 'alternative' folk living in Deya in the mid/late '70's. Genuinely mystical and magickal stuff, mainly vocal with acoustic instruments and an occasional synth. Beautifully fragile ethereal, gently cosmic with elements of Eastern, folk and Early Music.

Here's the original press release of this wonderous artifact:

Originally projected as a two LP + Book set in 1978, this is the first time ever this great work is released as it was conceived, since the mega rare french release from the mid-70's which only included one of the LPs and was missing the great book with the beautiful engravings by Juan Arkotxa.

The reissue of the legendary Book Of Am, a unique combination of recordings and artwork which stands up as an enduring testament of the fertile hippie scene which flourished in the Baleric islands during the seventies. Known to record collectors and psych/folk/prog music aficionados alike, this multi cultural band formed in the island of Mallorca in the mid 70's recorded a beautiful (and outrageously scarce) album which has gained cult status as years passed by.

Originally devised as a beautifully illustrated book focused on various world folklore and traditions, coupled with 4 LP's which would represent a musical. This 4LP set would correspond to the four phases of day (Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Night). Only the first of this records (Dawn/Morning) would eventually see the light of day in a tiny private pressing which changes hands nowadays for obscene amounts of money. So now, alongside the reissue of the original Book Of Am album here we have the first-ever release of the previously unissued Part I of the Book Of Am, which leader Juan Arkotxa re-mastered recently from the original master tapes.

Both albums come in a lavish cover which is 112-page hardback book reproducing the original engravings by Juan Arkotxa, 64 of which are full color. Never released back in the day due to it's high production costs, now, the central part of the Book Of Am, can finally see the light of day. A round-the-world trip through the folklore, legends, lore and cosmologies of some of the world's oldest cultures, from ancient Egypt to Celtic traditions.

Side 1:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Song of Am (Juan and Leslie)
  3. Dawn
    1. The Song of the Void (Papyrus of Ani)
    2. Come Unto Me (Hermes Trismegistus)
    3. The Song - Ship Journeys West (Gail Skallagrimson)
    4. Fire (Vedas)
    5. The Cauldron of Regeneration (Taliesen)
Side 2:
  1. O Keeptress (Gerhardt of Ice)
  2. Homage to Ra (Papyrus of Ani)
  3. Morning
    1. As the Wind Blows (R. Tagore)
    2. Hear the Voice of the Bard (William Blake)
    3. I am that living soul (Pyramid Texts)
Side 3:
  1. Info posted soon
Side 4:
  1. Info posted soon
  • Juan ArkotxaVocals, Flute, 12 String Guitar
  • Leslie MackenzieTamboura, Vocals (1,7)
  • Jerry C. HartGuitar, Drums, Synthetizer (6), 12 String Guitar (11)
  • CarmetaVocals
  • Jean-Paul ViviniSynthetizer, Vocals (1)
  • Phil Shepard{Vocals, Drums: 9}
  • Pat Meadows and Stephane Shepard{Flutes: 2, 8, 12}
  • Rabbi Gaddy Zerbib{Vocals: 6}
Music composed by:
  • "Can Am Des Puig"
Recording Studio: Can Am Des Puig, Deya

A handful of quasi-random sneak peeks (sturdy binding) - s:

pp. 34-35
pp. 50-51
pp. 62-63
pp. 70-71
pp. 106-107