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The BYG Deal (2LP)
Finders Keepers FKR025LP | 2010

(Sorry, all gone.)

Double LP, single sleeve, with LP-sized 4 page insert.

Very good BYG compilation with a well informed interesting booklet containing several Gong related tracks. A fine slab of collectable vinyl produced by knowledgeable folk who seem to care about the music, but unfortunately licensed from the usual culprits who don't give a fig, or a cent for that matter.

I imagine this to be a single pressing of 1000 copies..

Also available on CD, with a 12 page illustrated booket: The BYG Deal CD

Side A:
  1. Alice : Que Pouvons-Nous Faire Ensemble?
  2. Francois Wertheimer : L'automne
  3. Brigitte Fontaine and Areski : Ca Va Faire Un Hit
  4. Gong : Hip Hypnotise You
  5. Alan Jack : Ny Change Rien
Side B:
  1. Couer Magique : Madmoiselle Marie
  2. Valerie Lagrange : Si Ma Chanson Pouvait
  3. Alpha Beta : Astral Abuse
  4. Jacques Barsamian : Rockers En Liberte
  5. Ame Son : Je Veux Justre Dire
Side C:
  1. Art Ensemble Of Chicago : Rock Out
  2. Gong : Rational Anthem
  3. Freedom : Dirty Water
  4. Vangelis : Stuffed Tomato
  5. Ame Son : Eclosion (Marie Aux Quatre Vents)
  6. Paul Semama : Mon Petit Garcon
Side D:
  1. Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band : Floating
  2. Banana Moon : All I Want Is Out Of Here
  3. Alice : Viens
  4. Couer Magique : Pacha
  5. Joachim And Rolf Kuhn : Bloody Rockers
  6. Gong : Mother Long Shanks (Oh Mother I Am Your Fantasy)
  • Many and varied {all sorts of instruments}