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artwork daevid allen
The Death of Rock
Shanghai HAI 201

(Sorry - all gone.)

1982 12-inch.

daevid's famous 'Death of Rock' prose poem, a version of which was first performed in '67. Here accompanied by another piece in the same style, the firey 'Poet For Sale'. The release was also the first appearance of 'Tally Song', which appears on the new Gong album 'Zero To Infinity'. No copies with illustrated inserts left.

I learnt years ago from Brian Leafe, who was Mr Shanghai Records, that his Gong related releases, (Death of Rock, Ex Don't Stop and Robot Woman 2 and 3) were all single one off pressings of 3000, no more were ever manufactured. Such information I wouldn't trust from the vast majority of Record label CEOs, but Brian is a totally decent chap (too decent to stay in the music biz) and so I'd take those figures as gospel.

Side 1:
  1. Death of Rock
  2. Poet For Sale
Side 2:
  1. Tally's Birthday Song
  2. You Never Existed At All
  3. Afraid
  • Mark Kramer {Piano: 1/2}
  • Elizabeth Middleton {Lady's Voice and Piano: 2/2 and 2/3}
  • William Burroughs {saying "you never existed at all"}
  • daevid allen {All other sounds and voices}