planet gong bazaar
artwork Delired Cameleon Family
musique du film Visa De Censure No.X de Pierre Clementi
Wah Wah LPS091 | 2010

Audiophile reissue on 180 gram vinyl of a rare 1975 LP that features Tim Blake.

Charmingly diverse and engagingly experimental soundtrack album reissued in it's original cover.

Recorded for Pierre Clementi's underground film, Visa De Censure No.X. by French psych-free-jazz-rock experimentalists Clearlight under the name Delired Chameleon Family led by Cyrille Verdeaux and released in on EMI France in 1975, this is generally considered to be the second Clearlight album, although the name Clearlight was actually adopted later that year after the release of the Clearlight Symphony album on Virgin, which was recorded before this one.

There is a highly informative insert, one side in English, the other in French, that is bound to enlighten on the diverse history, details and intertwinings of Cyrille, Christian Boulé, Gong, Tim Blake and many others.

A Side:
  1. Raganesh [6'48] (C. Verdeaux)
  2. Weird Ceremony [4'24] (C. Verdeaux)
  3. La Fin du Début [5'10] (C. Verdeaux / Valérie Lagrange)
  4. Le Bœuf" [8'39] (Y. Coaquette)
B Side:
  1. Novavana [13'36] (Y. Coaquette)
  2. Anantà [9'42] (Y. Coaquette)
  • Cyrille Verdeaux {grand piano, organ, electric piano, harp, percussion, glockenspiel}
  • Yvan Coaquette {electric guitar, electric piano, shaneï guitar}
  • Christian Boulé {electric guitar, tortured and backtracked guitar}
  • Jean-Claude d'Agostini {bass guitar, lead guitar}
  • François Jeanneau {soprano saxophone, ARP synthesizer}
  • Jean Padovani {drums, percussion}
  • Gilbert Artman {percussion, vibraphone}
  • Olivier Pamela, Joël Dugrenot {vocals}
  • Tim Blake {tambura}
  • Antoine Duvernet {electric alto saxophone}
  • Ariel Kalman {tenor sax}
  • Aude Cornillac {transgalactic voice}
  • Valérie Lagrange {sings Le Phœnix (lyrics for La Fin du Début)}