planet gong bazaar

daevid allen & David Tolley

Ex-Don't Stop

Shanghai HAI 202 (1983)

Original 1983 album recorded in Australia. Last few copies of daevid's wonderful experimemntal collaboration with longtime friend David Tolley. These are mint, original pressings. With double-sided lyric sheet insert.

In many ways the music on this album is very different to anything else daevid has ever recorded with perhaps the exception of the Playbax from a couple of years earlier. There are certainly echoes of that album here. It's all quite stark, minimal and electro-ishly 80's. I particularly recommend 'Dinasaur'.

Years ago Brian Leafe, Mr. Shanghai Records, told me that all his Gong related releases, (Death of Rock, Ex Don't Stop and Robot Woman 2 and 3) were one off pressings of 3000 copies and no more were ever manufactured. Such information I wouldn't trust from most record label CEOs, but Brian was decent chap (too decent remain in the music biz in fact), and so I'd take those figures as definitive.

Side 1:
  1. Do [2'14]
  2. Eat [5'31]
  3. Work [3'19]
Side 2:
  1. Dinasaur [5'20]
  2. What They Say [3'46]
  • daevid allen
  • David Tolley