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Weird Quartet


Cleopatra CLP 0043 (2016)

Previously un-released daevid allen, from 2008. Big, flat, round, shiny, black version of the 2nd Weird Biscuit Teatime album. I imagine this vinyl version will be a one time only pressing (1000?) and that it won't be an age before I have to turn this page off because they are all gone.

Lovely having Hawk Alfredson's cover painting in a 12" format. Double-sided, black & white insert with all the lyrics and details - except for when it was recorded?!

Also available as... 'Elevenses' CD

Side 1:
  1. TransLoopThisMessage [3.01] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  2. Imagicknation [3.56] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  3. The Latest Curfew Craze [3.47] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sabatelli)
  4. Kick That Habit Man [10.27] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  5. Secretary Of Lore [3.35] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sabatelli)
  6. Alchemy [4.08] (Original song Falcone with new material Allen/Clare/Sabatelli)
  7. The Cold Stuffings Of November [3.00] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
Side 2:
  1. Grasshopping [4.20] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  2. God's New Deal [2.13] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Radford)
  3. Dim Sum In Alphabetical Order[3.07] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  4. Killer Honey[3.15] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sears)
  5. Under The Yum Yum Tree Café[5.33] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sabatelli)
  6. Banana Construction[5.17] (Allen/Clare/Falcone/Sabatelli)
  • daevd allen {Guitar, Vocals, Glissando Guitar, Word}
  • Michael Clare {Bass}
  • Paul Sears {Drums}
  • Trey Sabatelli {Drums}
  • Don Falcone {Industrial Sounds, Synths, Keys, Organ, Electronic Percussion, Accordion, Piano, everything else...}
  • Jay Radford {Electric Guitar, Bauzouki, 12 String Guitar - 9}