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Rejoice! I'm Dead! (2LP)
Snapper Records, Mad Fish SMALP1049 | 16.09.2016

(Sorry, all gone.)

Also available on CD: 'Rejoice! I'm Dead' CD.

Also available as Deluxe 12" Hardback 3 CD edition: Rejoice! I'm Dead! Deluxe.

Available now

Superb new album

9-track double LP on 180g heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with enclosed MP3 download code.

Note: due to the weight of this package the shopping cart gets the postage wrong - it's too low. You will be debited for the price of the LPs plus the cost price of the p&p, plus VAT where applicable.

A Side:
  1. The Thing That Should Be [3'34]
  2. Rejoice! [10'17]
  3. Kapital [3'21]
B Side:
  1. Model Village [6.43]
  2. Beatrix [2.54]
  3. Visions [4'29]
C Side:
  1. The Unspeakable Stands Revealed [11.49]
D Side:
  1. Through Restless Seas I Come [6'58]
  2. Insert Yr Own Prophecy [9'36]
  • Dave Sturt: {bass, vocals}
  • Kavus Tobabi: {vocals, guitar}
  • Fabio Golfetti: {guitar, vocals}
  • Ian East: {sax, flute}
  • Cheb Nettles: {drums, vocals}
  • Graham Clark: {violin - A1}
  • Steve Hillage: {guitar solo - A2}
  • Didier Malherbe: {duduk - B1, C1}
Production credits:
  • Engineered by Nick Howiantz and Gong at Brixton Hill Studios, London, Spring 2016.
  • Mixed by Mark Cawthra (Infallible Ear) and Dave Sturt (Swimming Head)