planet gong bazaar



Unending Ascending


'an ecstatic voyage from star spangled oceans of the cosmos to the salty sea bottom, a curious peep through the telescope' (supernovas explode, galaxies die, clocks reset, etc…) - also available on CD


  1. Tiny Galaxies
  2. My Guitar is a Spaceship
  3. Ship Of Ishtar
  4. O, Arcturus
  5. All Clocks Reset
  6. Choose Your Goddess
  7. Lunar Invocation 4m35s
  8. Asleep Do We Lay 4m16s


  • Kavus Torabi guitar, vocals
  • Fabio Golfetti guitar, vocals
  • Dave Sturt bass, vocals
  • Ian East flute, sax
  • Cheb Nettles drums, vocals
  • recorded and mixed by Frank Byng at Snorkel Studios
  • produced by Frank Byng and Gong
  • mastered by James Plotkin
  • mandala design by daevid allen
  • artwork by 57design