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Gong Est Mort (2LP)
Celluloid CEL7000 | 2013

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Dream-like 1977 Gong gig on 180-gram re-issue in original gatefold sleeve

The 1977 Paris reunion gig by the 'Trilogy' Gong band available on vinyl again. When originally released in 1977 this album along with Virgin's 'Live Etc', released the same year, was received by many as like manna from heaven. Those of us who didn't make the Paris, Hippodrome extravaganza (I personally have a strange convoluted tale about that), almost felt as if the 'Gong years' which ended in 1975 had been some sort of dream.

Yes in 1977 there was exhilarating Planet Gong space-punkery, the wonderful Steve Hillage Band in 6-string/synthi communing with just about everything, Tim Blake Crystaling away in a forest of light, and so much more. Naturally they all carried an essence of Gong, but times had moved on - as they must. The mother-planet band had long since expanded and dissolved into the ethers, with each comet-like facet containing all of the whole - yet not being the whole. So whenever there was a real (gig) or virtual LP chance to re-connect with the home world - Bom Shanka! Perhaps if I had made it to Paris in '77 I would not have 'needed' to pilot the Amsterdam Gong Uncon in '07?

So if 'true' Gong exists primarily in the dreaming state, as I believe it does, then this celebratory live recording is one of the ideal places to experience our intrepid musicains attempting, once more, to manifest that dream in the physical world. The resulting music does often seem to exist somehow outside time, so the attempt was not without sucess. The 'laws' of nature were sometimes at risk at a Gong gig.

I'll take the opportunity of this release to correct a commonly held mis-interpretation about the blanking out of Steve Hillage's face on the group shot inside the gatefold, and the fact that his name does not appear on the list of musicians. This was actually done by the French record label who were somewhat in fear of Virgin Records to whom Steve was then contracted, not because there were any problems between the musicians. Steve was a active and integral part of the planning of the entire 1977 event.

Note: Unfortunately agreement with the musicians to release this has not happened, it is unlikely they will benefit financially from sales. I'm sure they do however remain open to sensible offers of re-compensation.

Face A:
  1. Can't Kill Me [0'00]
  2. I've Been Stoned Before/Mister Longshanks/O Mother [0'00]
  3. Radio Gnome Invisible [0.00]
Face B:
  1. Zero The Hero And The Witches Spell [0.00]
  2. Flute Salad [0'00]
    Oily Way
    Outer Temple
Face C:
  1. Inner Temple (Zero Meets The Octave Doctor) [0'00]
  2. IAO Chant& Master Builder [0'00]
  3. Sprinkling of Clouds [0'00]
Face D:
  1. From The Isle Of Everywhere To The End Of The Story Of Zero The Hero [0'00]
  2. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever [0'00]
  • Bret Camenbert (sic)
  • Shakti Yoni
  • High T. Moonweed
  • Bloomdido Bad De Grass
  • Le Pere Cushion de Strasbourger
  • Mister T. Being
  • Venux De Luxe
  • Steve Hillage
  • Miquette Giraudy