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artwork Steve Hillage
Live at Madison Square Gardens 1977 limited edition orange vinyl LP
Cleopatra CLP 2222 | 18.9.2015

(Sorry, all gone.)

Great, punchy, spacey 1977 live recording - top stuff

Direct from Steve's tape archive

Recorded on the Steve Hillage band's only tour of North America in the '70s when they supported on ELO's Jan-Feb 1977 Tour. As a support act your aim is to make a powerful impression on an audience most of whom have not come to to see you, probably in a relatively short time. It can be a tough gig. You need to hit the ground running and not let up during your alloted slot - give it your very best. And that's exactly what the Steve Hillage Band do on this vibey live recording from the iconic Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

The 6 piece band, the largest of the Steve Hillage Bands, who made their live debut at the Hyde Park free concert the previous Summer, were a very well-oiled, inspired outfit and deliver a blistering live set based around tracks from the 'L' album. The quality of the playing is matched by clarity of the desk or soundboard recording which is a joy to the ears. May the opening of Steve's tape archives reveal more such delights.

Vibrant orange vinyl in a fetching colourful sleeve with a informative fully annotated, illustrated inner sleeve and insert.

Side 1:
  1. The Salmon Song [7.01] (Hillage, Guirady)
  2. Hurdy Gurdy Glissando [12.00] (Hillage, Guirady)
  3. Hurdy Gurdy Man [7.00] (Leitch)
Side 2:
  1. Lunar Musick Suite [10.27] (Hillage, Guirady)
  2. Meditation of the Dragon [4.25] (Hillage)
  3. It's All Too Much [9.05] (Harrison)
  • Steve Hillage {Guitars, Vocals}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Synthesiser, vocals}
  • Christian Boulez {Rhythm Guitar, Glissando Guitar}
  • Basil Brooks {Synthesiser, Flute}
  • Colin Bass {Bass, vocals}
  • Clive Bunker {Drums}
  • Phil Hodge {Keyboards}