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Steve Hillage

The Golden Vibe 2LP

Madfish SMALP1155 (2019)

180-gram double vinyl limited edition of 1000. Echo guitar session recorded in the Gong house in 1973 - 'Wata Trip!' - as it said on the tape box. 70 minutes of Steve surfing the Golden Vibe. Also available on CD

In May of 1973 Steve had been living in the Gong house near Sens, France for 5 months and creativity was bubbling up everywhere. The Paragong band of Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett, Pierre Moerlen and Tim Blake with Switch Doctor Venux de Luxe at the 'controls' were bonding and giging, and an 'Angel's Egg' of music was in incubation. One evening in his room, with Miquette changing the Revox reels, Steve embarked on several hours of deep echo guitar experimentation - the classic Hillage sound.

The edits which were included in the wonderous 'Searching For The Spark' box set (which was limited to 22 discs) were so eagerly received that they demanded to be expanded and even more released in one gorgeous musical journey. So here they are.


side 1

  1. The Golden Vibe
  2. Calling You
  3. Frame By Frame
  4. The Dervish Riff
  5. Water Trip (extended)

side 2

  1. Leyline Drips
  2. Hanging Lead
  3. Back To The Future Glid
  4. Pre Glid

side 3

  1. Scorchio
  2. Comes Alive
  3. Out There

side 4

  1. Melting Leadatron (extended)
  2. Flutterati


  • Steve Hillage guitar