planet gong bazaar
artwork Harry Williamson, Gilli Smyth, daevid allen
Stroking The Tail of the Bird (LP + 7" 33RPM)
Vinyl Lovers 901462 | 25.7.2013

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Audiophile vinyl pressing of Gong-ambient classic with bonus 7".

Wonderful glissando guitar, synth, spacewhisper, lyre-bird feast originally released on CD in 1989. An ambient album of tremendous beauty and mystery, a must for all lovers of daevid's glissando guitar. Like walking through a tropical rain forest accompanied being sung to by plant devas. Alpha Rainbow Meditation is a Harry Williamson piece featuring his 26 string Angel Guitar.

It's pretty safe to presume this is a one-off pressing, probably of 500, but perhaps 1000.

LP Side One:
  1. Stroking The Tail of the Bird [10.01] (Allen/William/Smyth 1987)
  2. Deep Sea [10'22] (Allen 1976)
LP Side Two:
  1. Alpha Rainbow Meditation [12'59] (Williamson 1998)
  2. Untitled Bonus Track [9'57] (?)
Bonus 7" Side 1:
  1. Moonpeople Gliss (part one) [7'41] (Allen)
Bonus 7" Side 2:
  1. Moonpeople Gliss (part two) [8'13] (Allen)
  • Harry Williamson {Guitars, angel guitar, synths, recording and mixing}
  • Gilli Smyth {Spacewhisper}
  • daevid allen {Glissando Guitar, Electric Guitar}