planet gong bazaar


System 7

Planet 7 Mixes EP

g-wave AAWT703 (2004)

With remixes by Son Kite and James Holden. The original mix is a great System 7 groove, enriched with their trademark echo guitar and psychedelic keyboard loops. The track cunningly employs a cleared sample from prog-house hero Sander Kleinenberg's "My Lexicon". In their choice of remixers System 7 have chosen people who also inhabit a similar cross-genre space as they do:- rising star James Holden, whose unique and mysterious melodic style reaches across to prog-house lovers and trancers alike, and brilliant Swedish producers Son Kite, whose sound has been described as "psy-prog" and whose new album "Colours" has set the trance world alight. DJ James Holden has worked closely with System 7's highly successful festival-closing main stage performance at this summer's already legendary Glade Festival"


side 1

  1. Planet 7 (Holden Remix)

side 2

  1. Planet 7 (Original Mix)
  2. Planet 7 (Son Kite Mix)