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Tim Blake

New Jerusalem

Trading Places TDP54018 BR23 (2020)

Tim's 1978 masterwork officially remastered. 180 gram vinyl. An uplifting synth banquet from a pioneer. An album which needs little introduction to Gongesters - Tim Blake's solo high water mark release which shines even more brightly than it did in 1978.


side 1

  1. A Song For A New Age
  2. Lighthouse
  3. Generator (Laser Beam)
  4. Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révelations)

side 2

  1. > New Jerusalem


  • Tim Blake EMS custom synthesizers, Roland 100 system, Mini moog, Ovation and glissando guitars, Aro Omni, Korg polyphonic ensemble and vocals
  • Jean-Phillippe Rykiel Mini Moog on 'Passage Sur La Cité' and 'New Jerusalem'