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the forum code

we sort of think of them more like guidelines

Guests may read the forum. Registration is required to post. New registrations require approval. If you are attempting to register from China, Russia, the Indian subcontinent, or any place we do not ordinarily trade, please contact us first so that we know to expect you, and not delete you as a potential source of spam. Thanks, and sorry for the hassle.
Change your username as often as you wish. All your previous posts will reflect any changes.
The forum requires strong passphrases. This helps protect you, and keep out spambots. Do not give your passphrase to anyone. We cannot see it, and will never ask for it.
the forum
The main purpose of a forum is the sharing of knowledge. This forum is a private space open to the public, for the enjoyment of all at the expense of none. (An it harm none, do what ye will. Primum non nocere.)
Before creating a new topic or thread, search the forum for similar posts - your question may already have been answered, or your subject already under discussion - this helps to revive old threads.
The first post should explain the intention of the discussion. Try to stay on topic. Place new topics in the appropriate section, or they may be moved. Keep them relevant to the forum as a whole, or they may be deleted.
Identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line. This is your best chance of getting a good response.
Do not hijack someone else's thread. Do not start 'private' or non sequitur conversations in someone else's thread. Don't try to build your post count by replying to every comment.
Keep your posts tight; minimal white space, short signature. No attachments; post a link instead. Think globally; avoid 'chat lingo' and shorthand. Actual words and sentences are more accessible to international or blind readers and translators, as is proper spelling and punctuation. Think multi-culturally; what you find humorous others may find crude or offensive. 'ALL CAPS' is viewed as a raised voice.
No personal attacks. Rude, obnoxious or abusive posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned. Please do not post under multiple names. Do no harm. Do not discuss or link to warez, cracks, illegal file sharing or related topics. Take no notice of spammers, flamers, trolls, etc. Report them to us.
When replying to an earlier post, trim the quoted message. Rule of Thumb: Don't include more quoted text than new text. Although visible to anyone, you should generally address your reply to the person to whose comment you are responding; this makes a better impression, and focuses you on the fact that there is a real person on the other end of your message.
It is possible to edit your own posts - clarify your subject, refine your text, moderate your tone.
Forum moderators and administrators have the final say as to what constitutes infringement, and reserve the right to edit or delete posts, move, merge, split, close, or delete topics, and ban or block users, possibly without warning, as they see fit. Users may directly message the forum administrators or moderators privately to explain a position, report abuse, or make suggestions on improving the forum or this document. All visitors are assumed to have read and agreed to the whole of the above.
No mail order or downloads queries! If you have questions please contact the office.
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