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radio gnome by marc ingrand

radio gnome invisible

direct from source…

sometimes i am one with everything that exists, including you!
at these times i know you inside out
i know everything inside out
i also know nothing

This is a science anybody can practice, we call it…

telepot contact
tele = telepathic
pot = receiver / receptacle
contact = sensation of oneness with others

on the telepathic airways…

21:00 (9pm) GMT

what else do we contact? this is the mystery of gong. nobody stops you from knowing but yourself. (the use of drugs to obtain similar states of mind is not recommended!)

The meditation method given to the Dartington Solar Quest is intended to help people of all ages to reach their higher selves while remaining physically aware. It is an exercise that helps consciousness to extend into areas that are normally only met with during sleep and to retain memory of what is experienced. It is a process that rebuilds the rainbow bridge between the physical and the spiritual levels, making a whole of that which has been divided by humankind for too long a time.

The meditation should be done in an airy room using a focal point such as a lighted candle if desired. A comfortable, upright sitting position should be chosen, either on the floor or in a chair, preferably a position in which you support you back yourself. A few minutes should then be given to ensure physical relaxation and a quietened mind.

Students should always start each meditation in prayer or invocation, tuning in to the highest in order that those concerned will guard and guide them during this period. Following the prayer, students should focus their attention upon their breathing. when the breathing has deepened, two brief pauses should be introduced into the rhythm, one at the end of each intake of breath, and the other at the end of each exhalation. Do not strain, try to relax.

On each intake of breath, students should visualize the drawing up of energy through the feet from the earth below. On the exhaling of breath, students should visualize the drawing down of the higher force and the merging of the two with expectancy and awareness.

There are many other techniques and variations of meditation to explore - the one above is offered as a hopefully clear starting point.

image courtesy marc ingrand