planet gong digital

daevid allen
the seven drones

Ideal for relaxation, meditation and therapy work…

Subtly fluctuating glissando guitar and synth drones with additional layers of sound - more gliss, synth, didgeridoo, space whisper, chimes, flute, and in one or two places some words, weave in and around these roots…

One drone for each chakra or energy centre of the body, following the classical Indian tradition, plus the longer 'Heartspace Meditation' piece.

MP3 version includes a JPEG image of the front cover (as above).
FLAC version includes front cover, back cover, tray and disc PDF images with crop marks, ready for printing (see below).
disc artwork disc artwork disc artwork disc artwork

Tracks: [60'15]
  1. C Drone [7'30]
  2. D Drone [8'17]
  3. E Drone [5'57]
  4. F Drone [5'00]
  5. G Drone [7'04]
  6. A Drone [5'33]
  7. B Drone [6'12]
  8. Heartspace Meditation [15'17]
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar, tape constructs and composition}
  • Gilli Smyth {Voice: D Drone, space whisper: B Drone}
  • Harry Williamson {Synth: C Drone; technical advisor}
  • Didier Malherbe {Flute: D Drone }
  • Hakim Gillian {Synth: D, F, G, A, B Drones}
  • Miss Hansen {Synth: E Drone}
  • Bart Willoughby {Didgeridoo: C Drone}
  • Judith Downs {Harp: G Drone}
  • Kelly Wilson {Vocals: C Drone}
  • Nimbin Symphony {Voice: Drones}