planet gong digital

La Vieille Grille Theatre
The Latin Quarter, Paris, France - 1968

Probably the very first Gong recording ever made.

Recorded sometime between Jan-Mar 1968 (They had a Sunday night residency. Says Gilli, plus 'playing other times in the week'.)

The fly poster proclaims:
Magick Theatre Fantastickal Pop Ritual daevid allen Gilli Smyth and Gong electric space musique, films, light show, beautiful peoples…

Gilli and Ziska developed space-whisper at this time.

  1. 6 minutes 29 seconds

The download includes a 2522 x 3200 pixel (21.35 x 27.09 cm, 8.41 x 10.67 inch), 8.1 megapixel scan in JPEG format of a period photocopy handbill of a much larger original poster for the event - when we locate and restore that original, it will be offered for download separately.

  • daevid allen: guitar and vocals
  • Gilli Smyth: vocals
  • Ziska Baum vocals
  • Loren Standlee: flute