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digital and mail order shopping carts are different
shop in both, pay separately
digital payment is through PayPal
no account required
download links expire after 3 days
links should be displayed on a web page for immediate download, and sent to the email address you provided (if necessary check your spam/junk folder)
albums are compressed as zip archives
if the download is named 'linklokme.php' or the like, rename it with the appropriate extension (.zip .mp3 .flac .jpg .pdf)
audio formats
mp3 : LAME encoding at 196 Kbps VBR (nearly 'CD quality')
FLAC : lossless alternative if you want higher quality
digital rights management (DRM)
we do not apply any copy protection… it is your responsibility to ensure that the artists are respected
artwork included
in the zip archives (when available)
image formats
pdf (greatest contribution to publishing since the printing press?)
jpeg (same as most consumer grade digital cameras)
questions? comments? problem?
read our support page