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daevid allen

daevid allen

Turning the Tables

Seamless and powerful 60-minute tribute to daevid on Drew Dobbs' weekly radio show, WART 95.5 FM

daevid allen

interesting alternative show

Phoenix FM 120' with Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi.

daevid allen

interstellar nihilism

Radio Valencia : Ure Thrall 120'

big city orchestra

boom crash crash

contains traces of daevid allen… ubuibi

daevid allen

connected breathing

rebirthing workshops handout : text | pdf

daevid allen

vocals fiend, master freak

daevid allen & thom the poet

live in San Francisco

Auricular Records : an afternoon of poems, lyrics, and political commentary : 36'24", drop-out/splice at 7'08"


daevid allen

7 drones

glissed out…

daevid allen & friends

studio follies

'Daevid performed this poem many times ever since the Soft Machine UFO days. No date & venue.' 3'28" [citation] + 'An Alien interpretation of the Lord's Prayer' [citation] - 2 cassette releases: Ottersongs OT18 (1982) + GAS 010 (1992)


daevid allen


1977 : Clive Williamson interviews daevid about the mythology of Planet Gong and recording his solo album "Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life" at his studio in Deya. Sponsored by Symbiosis Music. 10'07"


daevid allen

Mistake Club

Divided Alien Clockwork Band tour, Cleveland USA : 53'48" includes bits of radio interviews, studio recordings, live concerts. Gong History 101 performance/lecture + audio 'illustrations' in which daevid touches upon : What Gong Was (and wasn't) All About; The Switch Doctor; The Power Vision; The Soft Machine; Radio Gnome; Gong Cosmologistix; The Trilogy; Floating Anarchy; The Invisible Church of YOU; Zero the Hero; T Being; Fred the Fish; Banana Ananda; The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet; flying teapots; octave doctors; dope.

daevid allen

WKSU Cleveland

1980 radio Q and A session by Jeff Wootton, 32'19". Recorded in a discarded bean tin beside a busy airport runway, on a hot summer day in a city famed for having its river repeatedly catch fire, daevid goes on about gamelan, history, drugs, ritual, comparative religion, mysticism, cult super-stardom, Charlie Records, what he is and isn't doing, with and to whom, where and why.

daevid allen & gilli smyth


Cleveland USA
deep background…

studio interview by Paul Liminero and Jeff Wootton, in which Gilli manages to swing words in edgeways (always making her presence felt), whilst daevid advocates roundabouts…

Topics include
The Universality of Gong
Balinese music
The Mythology of Gong
The Seed Vision
Glissando Guitar
Cult Heroism (Zeroism?)
Fairy Tales
The Symbolism of Teapots
Gong's music, and Gong offshoots
The 1977 Gong Reunion in Paris (gig poster available as a download)
The Goodness of Bad (and the Badness of Good) Reviews
'Canterbury' Music