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Steve Davis : Synthetic Dreams podcast 2021-07-29

daevid allen
Turning the Tables
WART 95.5 FM 2020-05-09 [60']
Drew Dobbs' weekly show - a seamless and powerful tribute

Allan Holdsworth
KZFR 2018-04-25 [93'44"]

Will Z
unplugged and uncut

Carmeta Mansilla
Book of AM; daevid allen, gilli smyth

Dave Sturt meets Progzilla 2016-01-07
Top Ten [audio 160'] : Gong, daevid allen, Steve Hillage, Zakir Hussain, more…

daevid allen

daevid allen
interstellar nihilism

Radio Valencia Ure Thrall 2012-05-28 [120']

Steve Hillage

Resonance FM : 'The Naked Short Club' [41'57]
2009-09-14 interview by Dr Stu
Squeezing Sponges Over Policeman's Heads… interspersed with snippets of music, Steve touches on playing, producing, raving and re-forming Gong. Note: This show has been edited for content and formatted to fit your ears. (originally 60 minutes)

artwork daevid allen
1977 [10'07"]
Clive Williamson interviews daevid about the mythology of Planet Gong and recording his solo album "Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life" at his studio in Deya - sponsored by Symbiosis Music

WKSU Cleveland
daevid allen

radio interview [32'19]
1980 radio Q and A session recorded by Jeff Wootton. Recorded in a discarded bean tin beside a busy airport runway, on a hot summer day in a city famed for having its river repeatedly catch fire, daevid goes on about gamelan, history, drugs, ritual, comparative religion, mysticism, cult super-stardom, Charlie Records, what he is and isn't doing, with and to whom, where and why.

BBC Goes to Canterbury
Rare radio sessions 1977-83 [69'41"]
"discovered a box of cassette tapes while clearing out my loft when moving house.I recorded these in the 80's from BBC Radio shows, including Radio 1's John Peel sessions and Radio 3's 'Jazz in Britain'" : 5 tracks from In Cahoots, National Health, Soft Heap - see also Sandpiper Records