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please read carefully before contacting us

what we can tell you:
what should happen
how to find the file(s)
Windows users please note
keep us posted
what you might tell us:
your order number
which link(s) you tried
what happened next
what normally happens
which web browser and operating system(s) you used

what we can tell you:
what ought to happen

After completing a purchase, you should be automatically redirected to a page on the web site displaying a link to download each file. The same link(s) will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

We should receive e-mail details of each order, a copy of the message sent to you with the download link(s), and notification of every download initiated.

Clicking on a download link in the e-mail tells your default web browser to load a 'Thank you' page on the Planetgong site, and triggers your 'download manager' (usually part of your web browser) to retrieve the file from the server. ('Right-clicking' a download link may offer more options.) When a download starts it's progress may be shown, or is available in a different window, usually titled 'Downloads', listed under the browser's 'Window' menu.

Download links expire 48 hours (2 days) from time of purchase. If you have not successfully retrieved your file(s) within that time, you will need to contact us - however first please read the remainder of this page, including 'What you can tell us'.

how to find the file(s)

Wherever your other 'usual' downloads (files, programs, …) go is the place to look for your Planetgong file(s) - normally either your desktop, or your \Documents\Downloads\ directory, unless you have specified another location.

Downloads sometimes appear named 'linklokme.php' - if so, then rename it with at least the correct file name extension (.zip) and double-click (or right click or control-click, for options) to extract the archive.

Windows users please note:

Microsoft's Windows operating system will 'block' some files 'if your program is running in a strong security mode'. According to Microsoft, "Most files that contain script or code that could run without your permission will be blocked." The warning that one or more of your downloaded files has already been been blocked is easily overlooked.

If Windows 'blocks' your downloads, it could prevent you doing anything further with them - such as listening to or looking at them… and this blocking may happen even after your download is complete, when the archive is extracted. Here's a probable sequence of events for Windows XP:

  • Save the archive onto your computer (if you haven't already).
  • Click 'Start', click 'My Computer', and navigate to the archive that you saved (if you don't just see it on your Desktop).
  • Right-click the archive that you saved, and then click 'Extract All…'. This will bring you to the 'Compressed Folders Extraction Wizard'…
  • When the Wizard has extracted the archive, carefully read the last dialogue box. If it says that any of your files were blocked, then you have some more work to do. Navigate into the folder which was created, then right-click the file(s), and click 'Properties'.
  • Near the bottom of the Properties dialog box, by where it says 'Security', click the 'Unblock' button. Unfortunately, you will have to do this for each and every file affected. If you tire of this, your options may be only to either set a lower strength Security Mode, install and configure some third-party security program which bypasses or overrides Windows', or complain to Microsoft. Best of luck with any of that.
keep us posted…

If you are just now having difficulty, please read the remainder of this page before contacting us.

If you have already reported a problem to us, and are later successful in retrieving and processing your purchase(s), please e-mail us. (You know how we worry.)


If the problem is on our end, we'll sort something out for you as quickly as we can.

If we cannot locate or reproduce the error, we may need to ask you for further information.

Ultimately we cannot provide support for your software or hardware, but we may be able to offer suggestions.

What you can tell us:
Your order number

Please reply to the e-mail order receipt, if you received it. If not, we need at least date, time (if only approximate) and a list of what you purchased.

Which link(s) you tried

After purchase, were you shown a web site page with the download link(s)? If so, did you try that link, and what happened then? If not, what did you see?

Did you later receive an e-mail receipt, and a separate e-mail containing the download link(s)? If not, did you check your spam box? If neither message was found, it is likely that your e-mail address was entered incorrectly. If they did arrive, did you try the download link(s) in the e-mail? What happened then?

Did your web browser open or try to get your attention? Were you shown a web page, and what did it say? Did any other window(s) open, and what did they say? Did icons leap about, buttons go funny colours, sirens wail or lights flash?!

What normally happens when you download

How did any of the above compare with other downloads you may have made, from us or anyone else? Did the same thing(s) happen? If not, what was different or missing?

Which web browser you used

Or which download manager, if separate from the browser. Also what operating system you use, and how you rate your own computer abilities and knowledge. (We ask these because it helps inform our process, and tailor responses to the individual.)

thanks for your patience and assistance.
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