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Purchasing downloads

Add the file(s) you wish to purchase to your Downloads shopping cart using the button on the product page which displays the price. When you're ready to pay, click either the 'Go to payments' button in the Downloads cart, or the 'View Downloads Cart' link in the right hand menu… Eventually you will be transferred to PayPal, where you can pay using any of the credit cards they accept, or with a PayPal account.

Customers using an EEA billing address will see VAT added to their total downloads order at the current UK rate. Customers paying from outside the EEA are not taxed.

Separate shopping carts for Downloads and Mail Orders

For accounting purposes, Downloads use a different shopping cart to the Mail Order. You can shop in both at the same time - the carts are separate - just remember that you will need to pay for each separately as well.

Receiving download link(s)

Paid download links are valid for 48 hours. After payment is accepted the links will be presented on a web page for immediate download, as well as sent to you via e-mail (be sure you give a valid address). Please allow sufficient time for the message to travel the globe and find you, and if necessary check your 'spam' or 'junk' mail box. E-mail is never 100 per cent reliable… If needs be,

JavaScript must be enabled to display this address.

We'll chisel one out by hand.

Extracting files

Most files arrive as ZIP archives, and must be extracted before you can put them to use - double-clicking on the archive usually works.

Once the files are decompressed, you can use any capable software you like to open them.

(If the files you download are named 'linklokme.php' or the like, rename them with the appropriate file name extension - typically .zip for archives, .mp3 or .flac for audio, .jpg or .pdf for images - and they will open properly. We're looking into it…)

Audio file formats

We sell most music files in both of two very different formats: MP3 and FLAC.

  • MP3: LAME encoding at 196 Kbps VBR - nearly 'CD quality', yet small enough to fit on a modest MP3 player.
  • FLAC: a popular 'lossless' alternative, FLAC does not remove information from the audio stream, as do 'lossy' compression formats such as MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis. If you want the highest available quality, choose FLAC - however,
    • check that your portable music player supports FLAC format, or plan on converting copies of the files to a compatible format (MP3) yourself. In addition,
    • FLAC files must be converted to AIFF before burning to CD.
DRM - What is Digital Rights Management?

DRM is one way some bands and online retailers attempt to protect their downloads from being illegally re-distributed. We do not apply any DRM or copy protection of any sort to our downloads, as it can cause problems playing the files on different computers or portable devices. However, just because our downloads are not 'protected' does not mean they should be shared. The files you purchase are yours, so it is your responsibility to see that they - and the artists who create them - are respected. What goes around, comes around.

Artwork included

Artwork (such as an album cover, when available) is included in the archive file(s) you download.

Image file formats

Images will be in one (or both) of two common formats: PDF or JPEG.

  • PDF: Greatest contribution to publishing since the printing press? Free reader software available from Adobe.
  • JPEG: Same as most consumer grade digital cameras.
Questions? Comments? Problems? Supoort?

Need answers about our downloads? Have a wish list for future offerings? Just like to put in your tuppence (or two bits)? Please

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Encounter a problem? First read our Support page.

We hope you find what you are looking for.
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