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[no image] daevid allen
connected breathing document
2 pages, scanned copy of handwritten original, given out by daevid at rebirthing workshops

artwork Gong
unCon 2006 flyer
4440x6472 pixels; 28.7 megapixels, 1200x1200ppi, 32-bit RGB
Ah, how quickly they remember… Three days in Amsterdam, with a cast of a thousand.

artwork Chris James
Battle of the Beanfield
Stonehenge , Saturday the 1st of June, 1985… The day the UK free festivals died. (Or rather were bludgeoned to death.) A Musical.

artwork Invisible Opera Company of Tibet UK
I Am a Witch / Isle of Everywhere [12'59]
…featuring Gilli Smyth. Quite a decent audience recording of a performance from the Wise Crone Café, Glastonbury Festival, 1993, courtesy of Brian Abbott

gong University of Errors
Radio Errors (ringtone, 30")
30 second radio spot promoting their 20 May 2011 'post-vintage psychedelic extravaganza' in Coorabell, Australia, as read by the U of E's very own guitarist (and voice actor) Josh Pollock.

Visitation Arena
Secret Garden [5'25"]
Free and fabulous dub/electronica, with love & light, from Steffe Lewry and Cheryl Newsam. Visit them at SoundCloud and mySpace.

artwork GONG
2146 x 2138 pixels, 72 ppi, 1 bit (black & white)

We may need a bigger box of crayons.

artwork Mistake Club, Cleveland, USA
daevid allen
1980 performance/lecture with audio 'illustrations'
Divided Alien Clockwork Band tour. Gong History 101 [53'48"] - In which daevid touches upon: What Gong Was (and wasn't) All About. The Switch Doctor. The Power Vision. The Soft Machine. Radio Gnome. Gong Cosmologistix. The Trilogy. Floating Anarchy. The Invisible Church of YOU. Zero the Hero. T Being. Fred the Fish. Banana Ananda. The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet. Flying Teapots. Octave Doctors. Dope.
The entire enCoded Glossary performance is interspersed with excerpts from radio interviews, studio recordings and live concerts.

WKSU Cleveland, USA
daevid allen
radio interview [32'19]
1980 radio Q and A session recorded by Jeff Wootton. Recorded in a discarded bean tin beside a busy airport runway, on a hot summer day in a city famed for having its river repeatedly catch fire, daevid goes on about gamelan, history, drugs, ritual, comparative religion, mysticism, cult super-stardom, Charlie Records, what he is and isn't doing, with and to whom, where and why.

WKSU Cleveland, USA
daevid allen + gilli smyth
1979 radio interview [73'13"]
Q and A session. [more…]

artwork Gong
Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll
Convolutingly drawn by daevid allen in 1973 - who else could do it? Full of pixies, teapots and characters from the Planet Gong, and a space to come clean with your name - Yes I have seen a Flying Teapot! Help! Did you colour yours in? Could you colour yours in? Did you wish you hadn't half way through? Never mind - you can have loads of goes now.
Back in the day a wee line inside the gate-fold of the Flying Teapot LP offered this prime slice of forgetabilia 'free' if you wrote nicely to Virgin Records. Ah but what is free? Someone paid for all those eagerly awaited copies and the postage to send them out. And as we all realise now, where the record companies hold the purse strings and 'organise' the accounts those 'sombodies' always are of a musical bent.