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daevid allen "i am, you are, we are crazy…"
gong crazy (ringtone, 7")

daevid allen "gong, from the planet gong"
gong planet (ringtone, 4")

daevid allen basso profundo
radio gnome invisible (ringtone, 2" - english)

daevid allen in a Gallic drawl
radio gnome invisible (ringtone, 5" - french)

daevid allen with a chorus of pixies
radio gnome (ringtone, 4")

cover art Gong
Radio Gnome intro (ringtone, 24")
The intro to the intro. A snippet of the signature pitter-patter of approaching pixies… 24 seconds that will turn heads. Let them know what team you're on.

gong University of Errors
Radio Errors (ringtone, 30")
30 second radio spot promoting their 20 May 2011 'post-vintage psychedelic extravaganza' in Coorabell, Australia, as read by the U of E's very own guitarist (and voice actor) Josh Pollock.