planet gong gigs

1994 gigs

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Shapeshifter Gong Italian Tour?
(daevid allen, Gilli Smyth,
Pip Pyle, Keith Bailey,
Steffe Lewry, Rob Calvert)

10/09/1994 Saturday
Rotterdam : Baroeg

08/10/1994 Saturday
Gong 25th Birthday (day 1)
London : Forum
(daevid allen, Gilli Smyth,
Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett,
Tim Blake, Pip Pyle,
Steffe Sharpstrings)
Shapeshifter Gong
Here & How
Planet Gong
Tim Blake solo
Didier Malherbe's Fluvius
Kevin Ayers
(solo & with daevid allen, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle)
Lady June
Jay Fisher
(an artist on Mike Howlett's label, Mauve)
Invisible Opera Company
(Pip Pyle plays with 4 or 5 bands both days)

09/10/1994 Sunday
Gong 25th Birthday (day 2)
London : Forum