Gong mandala planet gong

You who watch the skies and live by the moon… You who are each other… You who can fly… You who are born of this world but do not belong… You who tell the future without knowing it… You who speak to each other in silence… You who make love with your eyes… You who speak with trees, respect the gnomes and you who can hear the grass grow… You who have lived many lives and died many deaths… Know that GONG is the planet where life is worth loving. Welcome - where ya been?

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Exeter Wed 24/06 [TIX]
Harpenden Thu 25/06 [TIX]
Southampton Thu 01/10 [TIX]
Cambridge Fri 02/10 [TIX]
Newcastle Sat 03/10 [TIX]
Glasgow Sun 04/10 [TIX]
Norwich Tue 06/10 [TIX]
Bath Wed 07/10 [TIX]
Wolverhampton Thu 08/10 [TIX]
Nottingham Fri 09/10 [TIX]
NW5 London Sat 10/10 [TIX]
Manchester Sun 11/10 [TIX]
W10 London Mon 06/04 [TIX]
CL Santiago mar 08/12 [TIX]

Devon Fri‑Sun 24‑26/07
DE Neuleiningen sam 15/08 [TIX]
Lincolnshire Fri‑Sun 18‑20/09
Nottingham Tue 03/11 [TIX]
Bury St Edmunds Wed 04/11 [TIX]
Reading Thu 05/11 [TIX]
Harpenden Fri 06/11 [TIX]
Birmingham Sat 07/11 [TIX]
Wigan Sun 08/11 [TIX]
Bethesda llun 09/11 [TIX]
Manchester Tue 10/11 [TIX]
Glasgow Wed 11/11 [TIX]
Newcastle Thu 12/11 [TIX]
York Fri 13/11 [TIX]
Hebden Bridge Sat 14/11 [TIX]
Southampton Wed 18/11 [TIX]
Colchester Thu 19/11 [TIX]
Norwich Fri 20/11 [TIX]
Stroud Sat 21/11 [TIX]
Bristol Sun 22/11 [TIX]
Caerdydd llun 23/11 [TIX]
Exeter Tue 24/11 [TIX]
Brighton Wed 25/11 [TIX]
W10 London Mon 06/04 [TIX]
CL Santiago mar 08/12 [TIX]

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