planet gong phpc


Amnesty International

Human rights campaigners.

ARC - Alliance of Religion And Conservation

'Many heavens, one earth.' Dozens of major leaders representing a spectrum of faiths and range of organisations committed to saving the planet. 'Practice what you want to preach, and preach only what you practice.'

Better World Info

Thousands of positive connections.

Corporate Watch GB

You 'vote' with every unit of money you spend… Who gets yours? Be aware.

Cultural Survival Response

Environmental action.

Current 93

and David Tibet


A worldwide gifting movement…

Infinite Possibility

Nothing is impossible


Make micro-loans directly to low income entrepreneurs around the world with the help of this non-profit.

A nice cup of Tea and a sitdown

It's obvious, really.


This [mystery] hath no end…

Sacred Arts Camp

Dances of Universal Peace


Government in exile.

Free Tibet Campaign