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Analogue Systems GB
Vintage modular synthesisers - home of the RS Integrator

ArtRock PL
A very sleek 'art and progressive' rock site, including reviews of Gong's 2032 and Live in Brazil discs, and the Subterranea DVD. All in Polish, of course, but these are the days of Google Translate and web browser plug-ins.

The Global Source For SpaceRock Exploration

Big Bang
Magazine de Musiques Progressives

The definitive Canterbury Music site, by Aymeric Leroy

Camp Scene Directory GB
Wholistic and alternative UK camps

Hiroyuki Chigasaki
'Planet Gong', Japan - since 1996

Clearlight Music
Channel 888 - All things Cyrille Verdeaux, Kundalini Opera and more…

Coloursound Experiment
London based stage/event lighting, projections, rigging services and equipment hire - supporting numerous Gong tours in the UK and Europe

DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page
Neat, easy to use, informed site

Facelift Magazine GB
Phil Howitt's authoritative 'Canterbury-and-beyond' independent music fanzine.

Festival Eye
Details on all the Festivals and more

Walter Monnen and Michele Leonor - cosmic, electronic, oniric, symphonic, romantic, …

Funktion One
The World's Best Sound Systems - suppliers of P.A. and monitoring to the Gong Family unConvention, Amsterdam 2006

Progressive Rock Radio
Serving the World from the Delaware Valley since 1990. Tune in live Saturday nights from 10pm to 2am Eastern USA time (GMT -5) on WBZC 88.9, Ustream, and AuralMoon. Rebroadcast on Tuesdays from 11am.

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Everything else as well

Alex Dekhtyar
USA 'Gong' page

Hawkfrendz GB
Trevor Hughes' dedication to Hawkwind is legendary - since 1979

Graham Hinton GB
Professional audio engineering services and products: Hinton Instruments

daevid allen Interview (Portugese)

Parallel Youniversity
Alternative futures? Fraser Clark's brain?

Pot Head Pixies
Yahoo e-mail 'Gong' discussion list - since 1999

"Not just another GONG website" : GAS Tapes, books, live concerts, bootlegs, memorabilia… fabulous archive curated by Gianmaria Rizzardi

logo Planetgong.FR FR
Chroniques, dossiers, articles, média, forum, …

pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK
A.K.A tHe hEaVen aCCiDent - Dedicated to all things Psychedelic

Portobello Film Festival GB
former Here & Now roadie, J.B.

Prog Archives
Seems to be all you may need Prog-wise

Sacred Arts Camp
Dances of Universal Peace

Storm Bringer
Rock and Heavy Metal webzine

Traveller Homes GB
Trucks, Buses and Wagons

Musiques presque nouvelle et autrement progressives. (Also has its côte ethnique.)

Triodos GB
Ethical bank. Gave us (The Old Clinic, Ltd) a mortgage.

Udi Koomran IL
Gong Radio show - with photographs?!?

UK Rock Festivals GB
Rock, 1960-1990; Free, 1960-1990 - Lots of Gong-related entries

Unicorn Camps
More fun in the Sun