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Dave Sturt bass

Cipher, Jade Warrior, Joined GONG 05/06/2009

Fabio Golfetti guitar
Violeta de Outono, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil), Glissando Orchestra, Lux Æterna, Gong Global Family - joined GONG 2007

Ian East sax, flute, clarinet, zurna
various bands; joined GONG 2009 - Balkanatics - "London's original and best Balkan brass band!" | online recording sessions at · Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube

Kavus Torabi guitar
Cardiacs, Knifeworld, Joined GONG early 2013… , Wikipedia

Cheb Nettles drums
Joined GONG 2014

Benoit Moerlen
percussion: Gong, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Gongzilla, etc…

daevid allen
"i don't want to be your big daddy, baby…"

Didier Malherbe
winds: Gong, Hadouk, various

Gerry Field
In the first Gong line-up, and a Banana-moonie

Gilli Smyth
space whisper: Gong, Mother Gong, Glo

Graham Clark
guitar, violin: Magic Brothers, Gong, etc. Twitter · YouTube

Gwyo Zepix
synthesisers: Gong, Zorch. (aka Howard Scarr)

Hansford Rowe
Gongzilla - 'it was beauty killed the beast'

Harry Williamson AU
Spring Studio, Melbourne, Australia. Mother Gong

Josh Pollock guitar
Gong, Acid Mothers Gong, Gong Global, University of Errors, 3 Leafs, Citay, many more

Kevin Ayers
The Unfairground

Laurie Allan
Canterbury drummer: Roy Harper, Chris MacGregor, Piblokto, Formerly Fat Harry, Chris Spedding, Bob Downes, Delivery, Gong, Jonathan Swift, Barbara Thompson, Robert Wyatt, Gong (again), Peter Lemer, Lol Coxhill, Mother Gong, Steve Miller, John MacLaughlin, etc. : Calyx | Wikipedia

Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Acid Mothers Gong

Mike Howlett GB
bass : Gong, House of Thandoy, Psi Gong

Miquette Giraudy GB
Gong, System 7, Mirror System

Pierre Moerlen 23/10/1952 - 03/05/2005 RIP
drums: Gong, etc…

Pip Pyle 4 April, 1950 - 28 August, 2006 RIP
drums: Gong, etc…

Shyamal Maitra
percussion: Gongmaison

Steffe 'Sharpstrings' Lewry
guitar: Here & Now, Planetgong, Gong, Visitation, etc.

Steve Hillage guitar
Gong, System 7 + Mirror System, Steve Hillage Band :

Theo Travis winds
Gong, Cipher, Soft Machine, etc.

Tim Blake synths
Gong, Crystal Machine, Hawkwind : bazaar