planet gong phpc


Blue Midnight · [SC]
Elliet Mackrell : violin, vocals (Kangaroo Moon, Chris Jagger trio)
Grant Showbiz : bass (producer and sound engineer : Here and Now, Planet Gong, Billy Bragg, The Fall, The Smiths)
Nick Waterhouse : trombone, vocals (Three Corners, The Frome Street Bandits)
Dave Johnson : vocals, harmonicas (The Excellentos)
Mike Fullick : drums

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Psychedelic Folk, courtesy of Juan Arkotxa, Leslie Mackenzie, Carmeta Mansilla Robles, Jerry Hart, Jean-Paul Vivini, and  others…

CloudTea with a Chance of Golf Girl

Musical pathfinders extrordinaire GB
Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy - beyond System 7

Gong isle of everywhere
A little patch of web all their own.

Magick Brothers GB
Mark Robson (Kangaroo Moon, Here & Now), Graham Clark (Gongmaison, Shapeshifter), less daevid allen (moved, left no forwarding address)

The Yang to Gong's Yin?

UK's first all-synth band: Gwyo Zepix and Basil Brooks