planet gong phpc


Ant Bee USA
aka Billy James. Musician, writer and all round good egg. Agent provocateur at Glass Onyon PR

Brian 'Zero' Abbott GB
guitar: Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Glissando Guitar Orchestra, Witch, Global, Riven, more

Gregg McKella
Space bubbles on debut Sentient album, 'Live at The Real Music Club, Brighton'. Vox/guitar/clarinet/gliss & wibbles Paradise 9/Plastic Sturgeons

Ivor Cutler
When we die, we'll go to a place where the flowers will pick us and pull our limbs off and say 'She loves me, she loves me not'.

Monty Oxymoron
Keyboardist for the Damned since 1996, multi-instrumentalist; performed with Captain Sensible, Dr Spacetoad Experience, Sumerian Kyngs, The 2nd Attic, The Trevor Kaye Quintet, The Sweetcorn Experience, Improvising Duo (ID) with Rod Paton, Captain Stupidt (sic), Yvo Luna, Tim Burness and the "Celebration" Jazz duo with Dee Byrne, The Vitamin B12

Nik Turner
The Mighty Thunder Rider (sax, flute, vocals, etc.) ex-Hawkwind, Sphynx, Inner City Unit, Space Ritual, Galaktikos, Space Falcons… Wikipedia

Paul Francis GB : YouTube | SoundCloud
Steve Hillage Band bass player on Open and 1979 tour. Based in North Dorset working with local musicians on various projects including fusion band Capricorn 1

Phil Miller GB
Delivery, Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North, National Health, Short Wave, In Cahoots, etc…

Robert Wyatt GB
Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine, Matching Mole, …

Robin Williamson GB
Incredible String Band founder, storyteller and Honorary Chief Bard

Steve Higgins RIP
Thandoy, KarmaKanix, House of Thandoy; Invisible Music; aka Pragito

Altered Walter Funk USA
Autostereoscopic and Volumetric artist, composer in Spatial Sonic Environments (and instrument inventor): (Bananamoon Obscura no.13) - based in northern California.

Yumi Hara GB +
keyboards : you me & us (with daevid allen & Chris Cutler), Artaud Beats (Wikipedia)), …