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There is a subscription page in the Kasbah for daevid's first officially published collection of performance poetry and poems since 1962 along with some sample pages.

ZE PIX and ZE VIRUS Tues 17 Dec 2002
Programming Analogue Synths (free to download, free to use) is a must for every synth programmer. 132 pages of pure knowledge, by Gong's synth wizard Gwyo Zepix (Howard Scarr) himself, this book will enable you to improve you programming skills dramatically. Check it out. (Also available in Spanish.)

NAME THAT TUNE Tues 17 Dec 2002
From Steven Wilson - As a lover of Irish fiddle music as well as Gong-ish, I've wondered for years, what's that tune being played on the bagpipes on daevid's 'N'existe Pas' album - identified as 'Theme from Hashish to Ashes': -lo and behold, I found it on an album by Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford, titled therein 'Johnny When You Die'. More info at

Called Guerilla Music it is a CD of quite still improvisations on which Theo plays alto flute and soprano saxophone and Mark Hewins plays on acoustic, electric and harmonic guitars and samples. Guerrilla Music was an idea Mark had a couple of years ago to make a statement by performing beautiful music in beautiful places, each with a unique and inspiring natural ambience. Performed in spaces where the playing of any music would normally be prohibited. You may have caught them performing Guerrilla Music on the tour they both did while in Gong.

The CD is on Burning Shed Records, a new record label with a strong individual identity, which makes CDs to order and which is more fair to its artists than most. Please check it out

MONICA ARRIVES! Sun 1 Dec 2002
That most brilliant (but until this week frustratingly illusive) of CDs 'Ugly Music For Monica' by daevid and the University of Errors finally arrived at GAS HQ on Wednesday afternoon. All the pre-orders have now been completed and sent out. If you ordered a copy it is on it's way - if you didn't do so immediately or sooner - I guarantee you will be deeply impressed, it's one of the very finest albums daevid has been involved with.

Awaiting my return to the office after the little trip away with daevid was the sad news of Christian's passing on Sunday November 6th. He was a member of the Steve Hillage Band alongside Basil Brooks and worked extensively with Cyrille Verdeux and Tim Blake, who co-produced his yet to be released final album, 'Comet Hotel'.

If you want to know more of this wonderful French guitarist, his work and connections to the Gong family then his website is the place, Christian Boulé.

GAS Membership Sun 18 August 2002
After quite a lull we have fully reactivated the GAS Membership scheme and for the first time it is now possible to join on-line. The first thing you will receive is an exclusive GAS member's CD, compiled by daevid hymnself, these are sitting here, gleaming all ready to go. If you have paid your subscription fee in the past few months and were wondering what the heck was happening - fear not your CD is almost certainly on it's way to you right now.
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