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'Tuning up at Dawn' a book by Tomás Graves (son of the poet Robert Graves) was read as last week's BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week. In the first part (broadcast on Monday 22nd Nov) daevid and Gilli featured as visitor's to and eventually residents of Deia, the village in Majorca where Robert Graves "kept open house for the itinerant international hippy set - a bunch of rock and folk musicians, actors, poets and other cultural luminaries".

Tomás tells me that Lady June, Ollie Halsall, Archie Leggett, Didier also appear in the book, so I think this, plus it sounded like a good read anyway, makes it a must for the Kasbah - whenever I can get hold of some copies. Guardian Review of 'Tuning up at Dawn'

GONG TOUR CANCELLED Posted Sun 1 Aug 2004
daevid's message:-
Dear Chums,

Well this is a sad communication because I have to tell you that the autumn GONG tour of 2004 is not financially viable.

Our overheads are too great & the income is too little. The tour is already making a loss before we even leave home & that is without budgeting for unforseen expenses.

With Voiceprint Records already way way over its original budget, all our royalties still unpaid by Charly Records & no other commercial backing, there is simply no money behind us to absorb any losses.

Unlike many other industry funded outfits, we of GONG are totally dependant on making a profit for our own survival.

Perhaps traditional touring has become a dinosoar activety in 2004. It could be that the future lies in long weekend parties, more of the mini festival idea. A sort of GONG 25 event but with onsite camping & also comfortable accomodation, healthy food & zany drinks & smart bar.

On the bill: several variations on Gong & its circle of bands plus experimental sounds, spoken word, specialist recording, creative improvisation & music workshops plus DJs & all night dancing.

So instead of transporting a large number of bodies with compex equipment at huge expense across the map, tis obviously better to do two or three large & memorable events & invite the Gong family to join us for the weekend.

I believe this is the future.

This year there may still be good news for Japanese fans. It is still feasible for us to play two gigs in Japan. On Sun 10th & Mon 11th October. Stand by for more news on this.

Finally let me say how sad I feel to witness the death of touring. I have been doing it all my life & for all the hardships it is enormous fun.

It makes for a heavy heart to think of all the time energy & good work that has been put into these tours by Nigel Morton, our agent who has worked long & hard for virtually no reward.

Lets hope we can soon reverse this trend with larger more concentrated & less time consuming projects.


daevid allen.
Gilli's message:-

After number crunching all the projected figures for the tour, the Moneypenny Agency and the band realise that the huge expenses, like international air fares, big tour bus, sustaining 10 people, etc. come to much more than the income from gigs.

After looking at all the possible solutions, the Agency has reached the conclusion that, within the limited time frame available because of the AMT tour, it is simply not viable to do the Acid MotherhoodGong tour. Changes in the music industry have knocked out a lot of live venues and it is much more sustainable to set up weekends in one place where the band plays several times.

Gong realises they will have to change their manner of touring and concentrate on such events, which apart from the band will have visiting musicians, workshops, fire eaters, camping, staying in cabins, dancing, celebrating.

This is anticipated to take place in March/April next year.The Gong story has always included such gatherings, and circumstances seem to have presented them again, as a viable way to communicate with all the Gong friends, play the music we love, share energies, and make it possible to come from the other side of the world.

Hopefully we will be playing at a two day Festival in Japan, 8th October on. We feel very sad to disappoint all our gong friends who have participated in the long Gong story with us, and helped in so many ways. We feel sad for ourselves too, not to be playing that new music we were looking forward to, and connecting again with those friends, fans, clowns, buskers, performers, and multi-coloured people, who make all the gigs so heartfelt.

We are visioning the spring.

love gilli
Jonny's message:-
Oh triple rats! The second tour of the year spirals gently downstream Eyore-like into what might have been land, legs sticking skywards humming quietly to itself. After so much effort from all involved to save the tour we retire to the pavilion for tea to plan a more oblique and perhaps more interesting look at the future.

The just published Australian magazine 'xochi23' has one of the best interviews with daevid I've read for years. 31 of the magazine's 100 pages are devoted to the interview which took place in Australia in September last year. It's a highly entertaining and informative in-depth examination of daevid's time in Paris in the early '60's, the early Gong years and more.

'xochi23' is limited to just 100 copies and is a very well printed b/w, 17.5cm x 25cm perfect bound volume which I would decsribe as a book rather than a magazine. Copies are available from Australia for £8.00 pounds plus postage or €11.50 Euros plus postage. Send an e-mail to Michael and Marisa the producers at to find out more. Very highly recommended.

STEVE HILLAGE LIVE '78 DOUBLE CD Updated Wed 20 June 2004
A new live double CD of the Steve Hillage Band at the 1978 Deeply Vale Festival released on 31st May is in stock in the Kasbah right now. It's almost the complete concert recorded direct from the mixing desk. The band, including the late Christian Boulé in the line-up is in stunning form. Not to be missed.

PSYQUEST SELENE REMIX Updated Wed 05 May 2004

A great streamed smoothly grooving tabla-driven techno remix of 'Selene' by Psyquest has been posted. If the You Remixes were your thing then don't hesitate.

Also check out Stof's other psytrance and no-age work here. I think you'll enjoy it. Stof's site


The pace of Gong Family releases is such that we have expanded and modified the release info. There are now 3 separate pages divided up thus:

Recent Releases All the releases of the past 6 months
Future Releases Forthcoming releases with a release date
Planned Releases Releases under 'construction' and discussion

Any changes to release schedules and additional information will in future be posted on these pages and of course on an album's Kasbah page (if there is one) rather than in the news section. I will however continue to post basic news of new releases of new here and on the Home page.


daevid and Gilli spin some tales of a strange, tiring but enjoyable Japanese time. Some photographs will be posted in the Gallery in the next couple of days.
Acidmotherhood Japan Tour


There is a new brief interview with daevid on the forthcoming Bananamoon Obscura Series in the Archives and while you're there more work has been done the Gong Family gig history - still a huge amount to do, but base camp has well and truly been established.