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Unconography - updated Sun 22 Nov'05

Some excellent and evocative images of last week's amazing event taken by 'Rock et Folk' photographer Pierre Terrasson... four page spread planned for the near future in that long-lived French music magazine.

Gilli Smyth and Friends:
House of Thandoy:
Tim Blake et Steve Hillage:
Uncon(G) Jam:
More Uncon(G) photographs. This time from the Brooks posse of Dubblehead.
Even more Unco(G) photographs. This link came via Thom the Poet. Your have to sign up to see the pics. Donald's Uncon pics at

Thom's Uncon(G) Poem - posted Fri 28 Oct'05

imagine if you will
that all those feuding factions
united for one glorious weekend
and played to their maximum spiritual capacity
to a hall filled with co-consenting imagineers
against all impossible logistical odds
the odd became even more even
and all was done well and efficiently
with fewer scandals than smiles
and a desire to recreate in Amsterdam
the UNconvention with the original daevid allen
know that you would feel proud and smiling
at that hillage known as steven
who weaved a magick generous and arcane
who threaded melodies and harmonies in GONG's sweet name
who played until the angels shared their wings
and Gilli(brilliant soundscapes)
with poems a plenty /backed by that power pulse Orlandoson
and Didiere Malherbe-with French companions
and so much documentation via video (Ric Dodderidge)
audio/cameraflash-that a splash of Light
emanated from that sweat sauna sacred spot
to shine brighter than before
all was more than well-it was healthy, hale and hearty
better that you hear this from others tongues
lest you regret ghost absence at yr own celebrations!
Jonny held it all together/Chris danced and cried with laughter
Dancers danced/bands played
better than you have ever seen or heard them
Something seriously shifted-even sunshine visited
and the word on everyone's lips was…
THOM OCT 23,2005

If Portugese is your mother tongue there's a new daevid interview at, and a page on the history of Soft Machine, also in the language at

TRIBUTES TO PIERRE DE STRASBOURG - now on their own page

DEATH RITUAL REVIEW Posted Wed 27 Apr'05

"Entering down a long narrow, darkened, rubbish strewn and graffiti bombed hallway one emerged into a room sparsely littered with an array of different people converging on a bizarre psychedelic multi-media anti-spectacle. Was this an underground meeting place for aliens to pass out coded passwords to insurgents or was there a flip side to the Pope's own death? In any case, I had the sensation of encountering upon a deeply private and ancient ritual, devoid of any dogma, extravagantly illicit and not shy of provocation…."
Robert Lort's Review

cover artwork
dAEVID'S DEATH RITUAL Updated Wed 27 Apr'05

What a strange coincidence, less than 12 hours before a certain death in Rome another 'death' unfolded in Australia…

ahoy tharrr!!!!

daevid's first gig for one year
was friday april 1 2005:

daevid alien
death ritual
610 studios
brisbane australia

see endgame one: death ritual for manifestoe

The function of art is to make that understood which in the form of argument would be incomprehensible.
No matter how bad things get you got to go on living, even if it kills you.
We do not stop playing because we grow old
we grow old because we stop playing.
thang you and goodnight
my remains
yours deciduously
dada alien
aka: jesu ali om

endgame two:rebirth and endgame three will take place in the near future - more news as and when.


As the 2005 Glast-bash tickets go on sale very soon perhaps this timely reminder of what it once was, news of which arrived yesterday, is the required antidote. Photographer and Spirit healer Paul Misso has just launched a lovely website full of his work. Not only are there more than 150 photographs of the '71 Glastonbury Fayre, most of which have never been seen before, but there are also some very evocative pictures of trip he made in 1972 to see the Master Musicians of Jajouka in Morocco. [defunct]

While you're there, if you feel like it, you could also go on to [defunct] and buy Paul's rather wonderful, high-quality '71 Glastonbury 'Pyramid of Light' poster, which I can whole-heartedly recommend, and support an original generous spirit.

UDI'S GONG SHOW Posted Thr 10 Feb'05

Udi Koomran, our man in Israel, has been working on three 6 hour programs on daevid and Gong. Udi's Gong Show programs which I think include some interviews, are downloadable via the Israeli ProgFreaks hub.


Friday, Feb 4th, Graham can be heard on BBC Radio 3's 'Mixing It' playing in a stunning improvised violin duo with leading American jazz violinist Mark Feldman (who has played with John Abbercrombie, John Zorn among many others).

The sessions, which were recorded at the end of September last year just before the Gong Un-convention, (maybe why Graham was the star of that event?), simply should not be missed. Graham had a CD of the recording on his visit to me back then, and I can testify that they are quite wonderful and totally engrossing, probably one of the very best things he has ever been involved with. If the usual BBC pattern is followed it should be available to listen to for 7 days after the broadcast.
BBC Radio 3:Mixing It