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artwork Preparatory Flying Teapot sketch discovered
Fragment of original artwork

tuesday 15/12

Printing the huge Flying Teapot poster prompted the question, whatever happened to daevid's original painting? As is so often the way with such things I imagine that it eventually ended up in the rubbish bin of the album sleeve printers repro department in the 70s. So the recent realisation that this drawing, which has been in the GAS archives forever, is almost certainly a fragment of the original sheet of the Flying Teapot cover painting came as a delightful surprise.

This delicate little postcard sized sketch is on piece of high quality French watercolour paper, embossed with the name of the manufacturers, Papeteries F.Bayon Moiran. The size of the embossing indicates that it is from a large sheet of that type of paper as the embossed name is usually proportional to the paper size. Along the top edge of the paper, where it has been cut, is a pencil line and splashes of water-colour paint from the illustration which was above. It's the same shade of blue as used on Flying Teapot, and the drawing itself is readily recognisable as the same as the cover.

So although it cannot be definitively proven, surely this is daevid's preliminary sketch from the bottom edge of the paper he prepared for the Flying Teapot cover painting.

artwork Normal For Glastonbury
new book by local author
tuesday 1/12

Gob-smacked by Glastonbury, amused at Avalonians? Look no further than this really wonderful book by one time GAS helper/employee/prisoner Vicki Steward. Humourous, illuminating, mind boggling - and that's just the author - Vikki's insightful and compassionately truthful take on the various tribes and characters of our maddeningly unique town is a total joy. UK buyers can get it direct from the author - just £9.99 + p&p.

artwork Flying Teapot Poster
Limited initial print run
wednesday 03/12

Huge Flying Teapot Poster rolled in uncrushable mailing tubes

Printing a huge vibrant poster version of daevid's iconic Flying Teapot LP cover painting has been on the GAS wish list for ages - tis now done. The 'Love From The Planet Gong' Box-Set is for scale - the photo-bombing Clanger lives in the office, along with the impossible to photograph pixies, who are, of course, invisible.

If posters are out of reach there's always Flying Teapot and Gong Mandala stickers and enamel badges

artwork World Domination Enterprises
Paint the Curtains
download single
friday 17/07
"This little offering is made in deepest appreciation of long standing support for my music, despite waiting so long for something new!" - kif-kif

planet gong/here & now fans may receive a free download code for Paint The Curtains:

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Gong video
tweet by João Filipe
video 0'46"
saturday 29/02
Been working on interesting stuff for GONG Live Music Videos and a Music Documentary featuring @gongplanet & @stevehillage will come out soon. Enjoy this small clip from "My Sawtooth Wake" live at Islington Assembly Hall. Thanks to @kscopemusic for making this possible! [view on twitter]