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bass is the place ProgFish74 hand‑painted Fender Precision [twitter]

book cover Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi
Medical Grade Music

'an evangelistic alliance on the furthest frontiers of underground music'
Meeting in the mid-2000's at a Magma gig, "the foundation of not only a firm friendship, but also the most infectiously inclusive broadcasting style since the much-mourned death of John Peel."

artwork Monty Oxymoron : The Cosmic Brain Explodes 'a wild tempest of paradoxical ravings'

artwork NIK TURNER and the SPACE FALCONS : Interstellar Energy CD | LP

artwork Steve Hillage Box-set - SOLD OUT
all gone, finito
The Searching For The Spark box-set has now sold out. There are no copies left at the distributors. All 2500 copies are out there somewhere, a dwindling number with retailers.