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2021 : Steve Hillage 'Searching for the Spark' box set comes and goes, Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi 'Medical Grade Music' book published, Monty Oxymoron 'The Cosmic Brain Explodes' book published, Nik Turner and the Space Falcons 'Interstellar Energy' album release, ProgFish74's Gong mandala-themed hand painted Fender Precision bass guitar, Gong Live at the Gong Family Unconventional Gathering 2006 double-CD release and DVD re-release, Gong Live at Longlaville 27/10/1974 double album release, Gong 'Pulsing Signals' live double album announced.

2020 : Gong live video teaser, the return of World Domination Enterprises, HUGE Flying Teapot poster, daevid allen Flying Teapot album cover sketch, 'Normal for Glastonbury' book

2019 : new Gong album, Robot Woman Trilogy, Gong 'Virgin Years' box set, Radio Gnome Trilogy and Shamal re-releases

2018 : Yamma debut shows, Gong studio album recording, Gong beginnings, Inverse Gravity Vehicle inspiration Professor Searl has left the planet, Gong 2019 tour dates, Steve Hillage Band tour dates.

2017 : Didier Malherbe poetry book and performances

2016 : heaps of new music from Gong, daevid allen, University of Errors, Dave Sturt, Blue Midnight, Steve Hillage, Nik Turner, and various artists… the death of Gilli Smyth, plus a brief Gong tour touching on England, Scotland, and Wales

2015 : Gong - new video, tour, Radio Gnome Trilogy remastered + daevid allen hospital stories, curtain call, error australis books

2014 : Gong 2014, System 7 + ROVO, PsiGong, Glissando Orchestra

2013 : YOU ME & US = daevid allen + yumi hara + chris cutler; daevid allen caveman, Cinema Soloriens, "love is a careless sea" exhibition, with Invisible Opera Company of Tibet; Gong in Brazil, Hadouk in Tunisia, Graham Clark Quartet, Here & Now, Kangaroo Moon down under, Magick Brothers, System 7 + ROVO, Steve Hillage guitar masterclass, Rainbow Dome Musick rides again

2012 : Gong, Cipher 'Past Lives', Hadouk go to India, Haggis pipes the Great Wall of China, Magick Brothers do Mallorca, Sentient

2011 : Hadouk in the UK, MontyOxymoron and Graham Clark, University of Errors in Australia, Zero's Unconventional Gathering, Robert Calvert's "Mirror Mirror"

2010 : Gong, Magick Brothers, University of Errors, Tarka (live performances), Hadouk in Africa, Here and Now return to scenes of previous crimes, Cipher 'The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari'

2009 : Gong + Steve Hillage Band double bills, System 7 goes to Brazil, University of Errors, Magick Brothers

2008 : System 7 'Phoenix', Brainville 3, University of Errors, Magick Brothers, Gong, Hadouk in Brazil

2007 : Brainville 3, daevid allen over San Francisco, Acid Mothers Gong, Planet Gong / Here & Now + Gong Global Family, Brazil

2006 : Elton Dean Tribute Concert in Paris, Tim Blake + JP Rykiel reunion concerts, Acid Mothers Gong in Japan, Mother Gong UK, Brainville, Zorch, University of Errors, Gong unConvention, Amsterdam, daevid allen in New York and San Francisco

2005 : daevid allen "death ritual" Brisbane, System 7 at Glastonbury Festival, Gilli Smyth, Gong Unconventional Gathering in Glastonbury (2nd edition)

2004 : Zero & Zero in Brisbane, Acid Mothers Gong in Japan, Here & Now at Glastonbury Festival, Gong Unconvention in Glastonbury (1st edition)

2003 : Planet Gong on the Isle of Wight, you'N'gong, Acidmothersgong in London, University of Errors, Guru and Zero, Gong Matrices

2002 : Guru and Zero, University of Errors

2001 : Gilli Smyth "It's All a Dream", news & reviews, interviews

2000 : Gong UK tour update, USA tour debrief, System 7 vinyl, sundry links (there be acid dragons)