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2020 : Gong live video teaser, World Domination Enterprises, HUGE Flying Teapot poster, daevid allen Flying Teapot album cover sketch, 'Normal for Glastonbury' book

2019 : new Gong album, Robot Woman Trilogy, Gong 'Virgin Years' box set, Radio Gnome Trilogy and Shamal re-releases

2018 : Yamma debut shows, Gong studio album recording, Gong beginnings, Inverse Gravity Vehicle inspiration Professor Searl has left the planet, Gong 2019 tour dates, Steve Hillage Band tour dates.

2017 : Didier Malherbe poetry book and performances

2016 : heaps of new music from Gong, daevid allen, University of Errors, Dave Sturt, Blue Midnight, Steve Hillage, Nik Turner, and various artists… the death of Gilli Smyth, plus a brief Gong tour touching on England, Scotland, and Wales

2015 : Gong - new video, tour, Radio Gnome Trilogy remastered + daevid allen hospital stories, curtain call, error australis books

2014 : Gong 2014, System 7 + ROVO, PsiGong, Glissando Orchestra

2013 : YOU ME & US = daevid allen + yumi hara + chris cutler; daevid allen caveman, Cinema Soloriens, "love is a careless sea" exhibition, with Invisible Opera Company of Tibet; Gong in Brazil, Hadouk in Tunisia, Graham Clark Quartet, Here & Now, Kangaroo Moon down under, Magick Brothers, System 7 + ROVO, Steve Hillage guitar masterclass, Rainbow Dome Musick rides again

2012 : Gong, Cipher 'Past Lives', Hadouk go to India, Haggis pipes the Great Wall of China, Magick Brothers do Mallorca, Sentient

2011 : Hadouk in the UK, MontyOxymoron and Graham Clark, University of Errors in Australia, Zero's Unconventional Gathering, Robert Calvert's "Mirror Mirror"

2010 : Gong, Magick Brothers, University of Errors, Tarka (live performances), Hadouk in Africa, Here and Now return to scenes of previous crimes, Cipher 'The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari'

2009 : Gong + Steve Hillage Band double bills, System 7 goes to Brazil, University of Errors, Magick Brothers

2008 : System 7 'Phoenix', Brainville 3, University of Errors, Magick Brothers, Gong, Hadouk in Brazil

2007 : Brainville 3, daevid allen over San Francisco, Acid Mothers Gong, Planet Gong / Here & Now + Gong Global Family, Brazil

2006 : Elton Dean Tribute Concert in Paris, Tim Blake + JP Rykiel reunion concerts, Acid Mothers Gong in Japan, Mother Gong UK, Brainville, Zorch, University of Errors, Gong unConvention, Amsterdam, daevid allen in New York and San Francisco

2005 : daevid allen "death ritual" Brisbane, System 7 at Glastonbury Festival, Gilli Smyth, Gong Unconventional Gathering in Glastonbury (2nd edition)

2004 : Zero & Zero in Brisbane, Acid Mothers Gong in Japan, Here & Now at Glastonbury Festival, Gong Unconvention in Glastonbury (1st edition)

2003 : Planet Gong on the Isle of Wight, you'N'gong, Acidmothersgong in London, University of Errors, Guru and Zero, Gong Matrices

2002 : Guru and Zero, University of Errors

2001 : Gilli Smyth "It's All a Dream", news & reviews, interviews

2000 : Gong UK tour update, USA tour debrief, System 7 vinyl, sundry links (there be acid dragons)