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02 February (Groundhog Day) 2009

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Live @ the Gong Family Unconvention (DVD+CD)

Limited number of specially priced DVD and CD box sets of an amazing part of the Amsterdam Unconvention - The Steve Hillage Band live for the first time in almost 30 years - and yes it was completely worth the wait and more. Fabulous audio mixing and mastering by Steve himself, exciting empathetic visuals by Harry Williamson, bonus archive tracks on the CD, insightful and entertaining interviews on the DVD. Only available from Planetgong and from Voiceprint.

Both the DVD and CD will be released as seperate items and at a regular higher price at some point in the future.

lucy allen - It's a girl (baby)

Greetings me Darlins, Yipppeeeee!

I am over the bananamoon to announce that on the 21st January in Melbourne at 16.57hrs (4.57PM) my third grand daughter Lucy Allen (7lbs14oz Wow!) was born on planet earth to my oldest son Tali and his wife Noey accompanied by a wild chorus of trumpeting jazz angels & a great rush of other souls wanting to be born as Obama was sworn in. Momma Noey is doing fine & Lucy dreams of skies full of diamonds! Tali is still recovering! Ha ha….

Love & gratitude to both of them for a shining example of miraculous reproduction & soulful parenthood. And now the great Love Affair begins for all of us! She looks SO beautiful to me…..

Love, daevid (allen)
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daevid allen - Gong Dreaming 2 (book)

Four times the size of 'Gong Dreaming 1' and ten times as surprising and improbable and already semi-mythical! The tale of daevid allen reaches the Gong years…

*The wait continues… Credit crunch mayhem (the publisher's printers of 18 years service went bust) dictates a new and as yet unknown release date. Available to pre-order from Planetgong as soon as we know the presses are rolling.

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Gilli Smyth - Nitrogen Dreams (book)

A marvellous illustrated compendium of most of Gilli Smyth's published (and many unpublished) works to date. As above* - So we wait…

GIGS and Events - UP and Coming
The best we know, only sometimes things change… if it matters - before you go jetting off - best check with the venue.

Gong 2009
Gong's summer plans for June through August continue to evolve, as some of you have already discovered. Appearances at Nearfest in the States, the Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany and The Big Chill in the UK have all been confirmed. Links to all these and more will shortly be posted on the Gigs & Events page.
Gong on stage
Gong on stage - photo by Peter Hartl

IΔO Festival - Explorations psychédéliques en France, 1968
exhibition: Fri 28th Nov 2008 through Sun 8th Mar 2009

CAPC - musée d'art Contemporain de Bordeaux - Rue Ferrère, 33000 Bordeaux, France - [map]

The exhibition of all things French and psychedelic continues. If you are near Bordeaux between now and 8th March the two 50 foot high unique repesentations of the Gong Mandala alone make a visit a must - they are quite staggering.

Details on their IΔO Festival page, and

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