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5 September 2010
'Be Late for Something' Day
("…oh no, I missed the bus…")
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Gong UK Tour poster 2010
Glasgow, Manchester, London, Birmingham

teapot taxi Teapot Taxi? - by Jonny ("I've been Hippotized")

Come, see, join in. It simply cannot be the same without YOU. The new tunes evolve and expand with each outing. Old favourites reverberate and twinkle with feeling, meaning and memory. Yes, times are strange - it's a strange planet. So why not step out, to step in? The Gong sounds and draws nearer… Beginners, please!

At each new Gong concert, the live video projections of Jasper Johns (Colour Sound Experiment) attain ever higher levels of magnificence. Channeling the green planet through a bleeding-edge computer system (The Hippotizer), a vast library of Gong images, and his deeply intuitive understanding of Gong lore, they're a integral part of the event. {Get an eyeful.}

By the time you read this, the Manchester Gong event will almost certainly be sold out. Do the good folk there know something? (Like, if you don't catch the Teapot Taxi this time 'round there may be quite a wait until the next one?) All I know is there are no plans for Gongish activity in the next 12 months… and beyond that we can only dream.

Oct Record Collector
GONG in depth. In newsagents now. [preview]
Sep Classic Rock
Gilli Smyth half page interview. In newsagents now.
YouTube Gong
'How to Stay Alive' surpasses 200,000 views…

01/09 It's a boy!
daevid allen : now twice a granddad, as Tali and Noey (and big sister Lucy) usher in baby Oscar.

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GONG : UK (supported by Nik Turner's Space Ritual) & France
Thu 09/09 : Glasgow (GB) - O2 ABC : TICKETS
Fri 10/09 : Manchester (GB) - Academy : TICKETS
Sat 11/09 : London (GB) - HMV Forum : TICKETS
Sam 18/09 : Albi (F) - Rock in Opposition Festival : TICKETS
Mon 20/09 : Birmingham (GB) - HMV Forum : TICKETS
Mer 22/09 : Valença (F) - Theatre Le Rhone
Jeu 23/09 : Clermont-Ferrand (F) - Le Co-operative de Mai
Ven 24/09 : Paris / Ris Orangis (F) - Le Plan
Sam 25/09 : Alençon (F) - La Luciole
Dim 26/09 : Rennes (F) - L'Etage : TICKETS
Lun 27/09 : Lille (F) - Le Splendid


Hadouk Trio
France, Luxembourg, Morocco, Britain : Chisinau (MD), Dudelange (LU), Montpellier (F-34), Fez (MA), Charleville Mezieres (F), London (GB), Paris (F), Les Ulis (F-91), Saintes (F-17), Schiltigheim (F-67), Maromme (F-76) {more…}

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Gilli Smyth + Luc Pilmeyer
Gong Friends [photo booklet]

Gong live concert images from 2009. 32 pages, 100 photos in a hand-numbered limited printing of 1000, with a forward by Gilli Smyth. These will also be sold on tour. [more…]


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