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3rd February, 2011
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The March Hare
'Enter the Rabbit'
Chinese New Year
Thursday, 3rd February
System 7 Digital Releases - and beyond…
VINYL Releases : Recent black and other-coloured discs…
CD Releases : Fill Your Hearts with Joy and Love a Lot : Various Artists (Includes a live GONG track.) | The BYG Deal : Various Artists (For the non-vinyl addict.)
gear daevid allen's Fender 'Hot Rod DeVille' combo+case on e-Bay
duet Didier Malherbe + Eric Löhrer : 'Nuit d'Ombrelle' double CD due out in March.

Gigs and Events
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Didier Malherbe | Hadouk Trio (+ Loy Ehrlich, Steve Shehan)
France : Bagneux (92), Aubervilliers (93), Kergrist-Moëlou (22), La Fertè-Alais (91), Paris (75/10e), Maromme (76), Saint Adresse (76) Cerny (91)
Here & Now
UK : London, Brighton, Bradford, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham
Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
UK : Totnes, Glastonbury, Sonic Rock Solstice, Kozmik Ken's Psychedelic Dream Festival
Jackie Juno (spoken word)
UK : Southwest [more…]
Kangaroo Moon (Mark Robson & Co.)
UK : Bristol, Glastonbury, Dartington, South Cadbury
Sun Return
UK : Totnes, Fri 18/02 - Round Earth Heretics, Chloe Laing, Mark Robson, Kris Howe and The Nowes, Dubblehead, and SunReturn Ensemble with special guests Mark Robson, Nigel Shaw, Tom Brookes, Chloe Laing, Kris Howe, Dave Atkins, JD Dalton, Sam Craigan, …

Bazaar - Recent Releases
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Steve Hillage
vinyl reissue

Various Artists
The BYG Deal
Compilation CD

also on limited edition LP

full page
Pre Modernist Wireless
vinyl reissue

Various Artists
Delired Chameleon Family
Soundtrack LP

full page
Zero 2 Infinity
2LP vinyl reissue

Various Artists
Fill Your Hearts With Joy and Love a Lot
Live compilation CD
limited edition

full page
Marc Ingrand
Fullpower Specimen
year 2011 calendar
very limited edition
Harry Williamson
Tarka (DVD)
the music set to film
limited supplies

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