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You who watch the skies and live by the moon… You who are each other… You who can fly… You who are born of this world but do not belong… You who tell the future without knowing it… You who speak to each other in silence… You who make love with your eyes… You who speak with trees, respect the gnomes and you who can hear the grass grow… You who have lived many lives and died many deaths… Know that GONG is the planet where life is worth loving. Welcome - where ya been?

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New Moon, Friday 04 March, 2011

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Gong Dreaming 2 [book]

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Craig McFarlane, for Tartan Army Children's Charity
Craig McFarlane
KiltWalk 2011
charity fundraising
sponsor Craig's 26-mile piping marathon
Guruubu New psychedelic trio - Steve Cassidy, Steffe Lewry, Subs
interview Gongserrat revisited - Maggie Thomas
System 7 Digital Releases - and beyond…
VINYL New black and other-coloured discs…
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duet Didier Malherbe + Eric Löhrer : 'Nuit d'Ombrelle' double CD for March release.
Red Brick Building - £1 per brick (no shipping, no pickup)

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Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Eyes (T-shirt)

Happy Tibetan New Year
Let's party like it's 2138!

Gigs updated Tue 01 Mar [more…] Concert listings | Calendar view

Turiya Bruce
(not) just a suburban girl
Alstonville, NSW
Barratt Galleries
05-27 March

Zero's Unconventional Gathering
Assembly Rooms
18-19 March

Didier Malherbe
+ Hadouk Trio
France : Kergrist-Moëlou (22), La Ferté-Alais (91), Paris (75/10e), Maromme (76), Saint Adresse (76), Cerny (91) ; UK : Scarborough
Here & Now UK : London, Brighton, Bradford, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham - [TICKETS]
Invisible Opera UK : Totnes, Glastonbury, Sonic Rock Solstice, Kozmik Ken's Psychedelic Dream Festival
Jackie Juno UK : Southwest [more…]
Kangaroo Moon UK : Glastonbury, Dartington, London/Camden, Big Green Cardigan; South Cadbury
System 7
Mirror System
UK+World : Bangor, Brighton, Cambridge, Off the Tracks, Sunrise Celebration, Indigo (IL), Willowman, Grenoble (F), Ulcinj (MN)
Tim Blake World : all coming concerts…