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cookie policy

what are cookies?
It is common practice for websites to use cookies. This page describes what they do, how the site may use them, and how you can prevent cookies from being stored. For general information on cookies, see Wikipedia : HTTP Cookie
enabling cookies
While we try to minimise the number of cookies on this site, cookies are used for several reasons. In most cases there are no options for refusing cookies without disabling the functionality they provide. If you are not sure whether or not you need cookies, it is recommended that you accept all cookies, in case they are required.
disabling cookies
You can reject cookies by adjusting the settings on your web browser; refusing cookies may affect the functionality of websites you visit, and will usually disable certain features.
how cookies may be used
shopping and payments
Sites offering items for purchase set cookies so that shopping carts remember your orders as you move between pages. (ex: Mal's e‑commerce)
Sites may set cookies to remember who has already taken part in a survey, or to provide you with results after you change pages. Surveys and questionnaires may enable us to better understand our visitors, and provide you with helpful tools.
Sites may set cookies to remember your user details for future correspondence when you submit data to through a form such as those found on contact pages or comment forms.
site preferences
Sites may set cookies to remember your preferences for interacting with the site whenever the function of a page is affected by them.
third party cookies
Sites may use cookies provided by third parties; some related to site content, others to the providers of that content.
Google Analytics is one of the most widely used and trusted analytics solutions for helping to understand how visitors use a website; may track things such as time spent on the site and pages visited.
site performance and security
Website hosting services use cookies both to speed up delivery of content and help protect their servers from attack. (ex: SiteGround, Cloudflare)
testing; one, two
Sites may set cookies when testing new features or changing the way content is delivered, to understand which features visitors most appreciate, and ensure consistent results.
Social media and other content providers may set cookies through sites you visit, to enhance your profile on their site or add to the data they gather and maintain for purposes outlined in their respective privacy policies, which we encourage you to read. (ex: Bandcamp, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.)

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