Poised now, at the turn of the millennia, looking back through the Rhizomaze of 20th century literature brushed and feathered with the flush of surreality, contemplate, if you will, the ultimate technological embodiment of surreality in the creation of virtual reality: 69 the Internet 70 and the World Wide Web. 71 If the aim of surrealism is to liberate the mind, 8 then the Web is it’s tool: a world where consciousness of mundanity is suspended for the duration of the visit, where documents can materialise at will from the myriad of portals in the ether to the lap of the lap-top operator, where dreams are made manifest throughout cyberspace.

Surreality, ‘that trembling honeysuckle you deem sufficient to populate the sky with for us’, 10 is intertwined with 21st century reality 72 … look!

Is that ruler really melting, Miss?

and why

has the whiteboard

flown out the window? 60

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